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06/06/2010 : "chelsea is signing LA guard kobe bryant to be the new striker in replace of drogba who chooses to sign a deal with the WWE to be a full time wrestler." (douche) [+/-]

20/05/2010 : "16 yr old Australian-Greek wonderkid Andrew Vlahos is reportedly being scouted by Boca Juniors and Blackburn Rovers, having impressed in a 3 minute run on and recent training session for the Joeys 2nd XI. Surpassing young prodigy Faci, who despite recent form has failed to gain a call up, Vlahos' agent is said to be demanding an expensive contract, which has made negotiations difficult. " (jon) [+/-]

13/05/2010 : "Gareth Southgate has been in discussions at upton park and is favourite to take over as manager of west ham." (Justin) [+/-]

06/04/2010 : "Stevenage Borough FC are set to enter administration this week, and their players are set to miss their next payday or two. This is because of low attendances (averaging 2,000) and increased wages which has resulted in them challenging for promotion to the football league. A 10-point deduction would also occur this season, dropping Borough to 3rd, 8 points below Luton, favourites for promotion, and 2 points below Oxford." (GeorgioCano) [+/-]

04/04/2010 : "Newcastle to bring in Patrick Helmes next season to partner Andy Carroll upfront" (Adzz) [+/-]

18/03/2010 : "My hero, Aaron Ramsey will be joining Blackburn Rovers when he returnsto football after the injury he attained." (Daniel Baker) [+/-]

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